December 19th, 2005



Now, the last episode I’m not a big fan of, mostly because of the ending. It ends after we discover that Lydia and Wickham are marrying, and after we already know that Darcy has saved Lydia’s ungrateful behind. So we know he still loves Elizabeth. And we know Elizabeth loves him. Where’s the suspense?

Longbourn. Mrs Bennet is very pleased that Lydia will be married. So pleased she’s forgotten how displeased she was just a few minutes ago. She doesn’t like the idea of Lydia being married in “Cheapside,” and oh, for heaven’s sake. Elizabeth declares it impossible, adding, “You must see that.” “I do not see that!” Mrs Bennet exclaims. “Why should I see that? Why should that be?” And you can get that on a t-shirt! Elizabeth explains the pre-marital sex would be a barrier. Mrs Bennet concedes, and continues to complain about Mr Gardiner, etc. The girls try to make her see that Mr Gardiner probably had to pay Wickham a lot of money, but she remains obtuse. Remember what I said about most Jane Austen characters not learning from their mistakes?

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