December 9th, 2005


Pride and Prejudice Episode 2

Mini-series in 6 parts.

Episode 2:

Opening credits, with the “dum-da-da-da-da-da-dum” piano. Actor Crispin Bonham-Carter has a wonderful name. He’s distantly related to Anna Chancellor, who plays Miss Bingley. And Anna Chancellor is very distantly related to Jane Austen.

Countryside. Elizabeth is doing her walking thing. It must be fall, because the geese are flying south (though it’s possible they are fleeing the shotgun-related activities initiated by Darcy and Bingley).

Longbourn Dining. Mr Bennet announces that they will have a guest over for dinner. Mrs Bennet jumps to the conclusion that it will be Bingley, has a joyful conniption fit, and tells Lydia to ring the bell for Hill. Before Hill can appear and earn her salary for this episode, Mr Bennet shuts them down by informing them that the guest will be someone who Mr Bennet has never met! Oh, who could it be? Collapse )
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