December 8th, 2005


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Miniseries in 6 eps, 1 hour each.

(Note: I wrote this recap in May 2005, so some of the references are dated [ie, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]. I'm not going to correct it, since that defeats the purpose of a recap, which is to recreate someone's personal experience of watching a bit of cinema.)

Episode 1:

Credits. They appear over a very pretty cream-colored montage of fabrics, by the way.

For our first scene of P&P, we get not Elizabeth doing some domestic duty, but shots of horses galloping through the countryside, accompanied by regal sounding French horn on the soundtrack. Because P&P is action-packed! And fast-paced! And masculine! Or not. Actually, I enjoyed the masculine screenplay by Andrew Black, and his policy of adding gratuitous action shots to spice it up. More on that later. The horses are being ridden by Bingley and Darcy, or their stunt doubles, who stop at a vista of Netherfield Park and admire it.Collapse )
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