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Recap of Star Trek TOS 2x05: The Apple

This episode is one of my favorite TOS episodes. Why? I'm not quite sure. Maybe it's the philosophical bickering between Spock and McCoy that goes beyond the usual illogical/green-blooded insults. Or maybe it's Kirk's complete dismissal of the prime directive. Or maybe the constant references to sex.

In the following episode, Spock gets heroically injured twice, Chekov has a girlfriend, and the word of the day is "Paradise".

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Recap of Star Trek TOS 1X09: Balance of Terror

I dedicate this recap to my friend Steve who adamantly insists that this is the best episode ever. I’d even ask him to guest recap it, but I don’t think he’d do a recap, and besides, I have a feeling the entire thing would read like a love letter to Mark Lenard.

I have to admit, it is a great episode. There are Romulans, Bird of Preys, and a Neutral Zone. Also, it features my favorite Leonards: Leonard Nimoy, Leonard McCoy, and Mark Lenard.

In the following episode, Spock's "dad" kills people, I miss Chekov, and Kirk is valiant.

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Pride and Prejudice (1980) pt 3 of 25

Back to Part 2!

Jane's bedroom. Jane lounges on the bed wearing a frilly nonsexy nightcap and a nonsexy nightgown, while Bets has let her hair down and is sporting a sexy, if probably wrong period, corset. I mean, the sort of dresses Elizabeth wears in this movie have high waists and décolletage(s?), so there's really no need for her to wear a waist-reducing corset at all. Long corsets were to promote good posture. I can't tell from the video if Bets is squeezing her in the middle or not.

Anyway, Jane gushing "Such ease ... such manners ... such perfect breeding!" I don't think that the Jaw is capable of breeding, what with his robot heritage. Oh, she's talking about Angry Sean Austin. The way he got her punch! The dances he danced some of the time with her! The angry words he angrily spat at the Jaw! Such perfect party-going!

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Dickensean principles

Pride and Prejudice (1980) pt 2 of 25

Back to Part 1

Dude (it's Bingley, but you don't get a super-good look at him) goes trotting down the highway to visit the Bennets. The Bennet girls, all of them, crowd to the window to get a peak at him. Lydia sneers that he would only be somebody if he were an officer. Jane shoos them away. Only she and Bets can oogle the new-comer! Beauty before age!

They watch through an upper window as he gets off his horse and walks indoors. He's wearing a blue coat. "I like him. He appears intelligent and serious!" Jane says, managing to (a) use two words that I would never use to describe Bingley and (b) decide this from the way he gets off his horse. "Looks are not everything!" she babbles on. "Character is more. And accomplishment, of course." It sounds like she's trying to talk herself into marrying a plain, yet rich man. Did somebody switch Jane and Charlotte's brains?

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Pride and Prejudice (1980) pt 1 of 25

Pride and Prejudice (1980)

I've wanted to write this for a while, but - nobody has seen this version! It's rather hard to find in a video store, for reasons that I'm sure have nothing to do with its quality. Then I found out it's on Youtube. In annoyingly short segments, of course, but bear with me. I thought, as an experiment, I would cover one segment at a time. Tell me what you think!

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Star Trek: 1.6 The Naked Time

The Naked Time is one of the most popular TOS episodes, despite the fact that no one actually gets naked. I guess the episode title is referring to how they all "bare their emotions", but to me, it just sets up a let down. When I am promised naked Nimoy, I want some goddamn naked Nimoy!

In the following episode, Shatner overacts, Spock cries, and Sulu swashbuckles.

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Star Trek: 1.5 The Man Trap

Hi, guys, I'm recapsule and I'll be sharing the honor of recapping TOS with redcoast.


Before I start recapping this episode, I’d like to point out that it was, in fact, the first episode aired, but not the first one produced. If you are reading this one first, it might result in a lack of continuity...

Haha! Just kidding! There is nothing remotely resembling continuity in Star Trek. Got it? Good.

In the following episode, Spock promotes domestic violence, Kirk is emotionally unstable, and McCoy "gets" "the girl", but he doesn't get her, and she is not a girl.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Man Trap

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TOS 1.3: Mudd's Women

This episode seems like it would be a good opportunity to get really indignant and lambast the Enterprise crew, its sexist, womanizing captain, and its short-skirt wearing, hostess female officers, but I can't seem to do other than really enjoy everything about it. So please don't read this expecting a really deep feminist critique, because I fail so badly at that.

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Stargate. The Movie.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Bridget Jones and the next Star Trek episode. I'm working on them! But first, here is a speedier, shorter recap of Stargate, the first movie. I'd never seen it before, and I quite liked it. Tell me if you like the new style, or if it's not funny enough.

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