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1: NAME: Emily 2: GENDER:Female 3: SEXUAL ORIENTATION: strait 4: 5+ FAVORITE BANDS the distillers, the killers, greenday, the exies 6: 5+ DISLIKED BANDS: britney spears, hilary & halie Duff, christina A, kelly clarkson, and lindsay lohan. 7: 5+ FAVORITE MOVIES: Edward sissorhands, pirates of the carribean, rocky horror picture show, Nightmare b 4 christmas , and ghost ship 8: WHAT DO YOU DO? (OUT OF PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC, POETRY, ETC. THAT IS RELATED TO THIS COMMUNITY): photography , i'm learning how to play guitar and i used to play clarinet lol , and i write sumtimes 9: SMOKE? never 10: DRINK? sum times 11: PARTY? not so much 12: WHY ARE YOU UNIQUE? cuz i am! i dont label my self n e thing click are gay and so are trends 13: GREEN OR ORANGE? orange 14: POST A POEM.OR AN AWESOME PHOTOGRAPH THAT YOU TOOK. OR A LINK TO THE MUSIC YOU PLAY. WHATEVER YOU DO: SHOW US. my computer is gay i will post photos 2marrow :15: PROMOTE IN 2 COMMUNTIES/LIVEJOURNALS. GIVE ME THE LINK. naturalistic_ (http://www.livejournal.com/community/naturalistic_/)and my journal (http://www.livejournal.com/users/loser_4_life/)
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