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Welcome toOREGON

This is a community for ravers, or people who are intresting in raving in Oregon.THIS IS NOT A RATING COMMUNITY Anyone can join, but of course, there are just some guidelines, not so much..rules, but guidelines.

The guidelines

* DO NOT: Come in this community to dis on techno, or the scene in any way, shape, or form, or you will be banned.

* DO NOT: Fight with others please. Give and show respect. It would be nice, to follow the code of P.L.U.R . If you do start crap with others I will not put up with it and you will also be banned.

* CAR POOLS: They can be arranged here. Feel Free to dicuss it.

* DRUGS, if you are high, write a poem. :)

* PROMOTE!!!: You can promote your parties here for sure. If you have a picture of the flyer, put it on. Then please use LJ-cut, for the rest of the details. If you have a info line, and map details, please use them! This is the place to PROMOTE PARTIES! PLEASE LIST THE DJ'S!!!

* NEW? : fill out the info form to introduce yourself. Wanna post pics? AWSOME!! Please use LJ-cut though. I will not get on your ass, if you do not remember.

So those are the basic guidelines..the INTRO FORM is below!!


Real Name:
Party or Nickname:
Favortie DJ:
Favortie Style of Techno:
How long have you been in the scene?:
What is your favorite thing to do at a party?

Just copy and paste it kids!



These are our two promo stickers. PROMOTE US!!!

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v514/guning_dream/LJ%20things/promo1.bmp"*>

Just copy and paste, and remove the stars! **

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v514/guning_dream/LJ%20things/promo2.bmp"*>

Just copy and paste, and remove the stars! **

Dance Smurfs!