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Name: Melinda
Age: 20
Location: Texas
Sex (not a yes or no question):  Strictly Dickly
Sex (yes or no question): hell yes, but only with the one that I love
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: love triangle..put it that way.  Long and complicated story

Music (atleast 5): A Perfect Circle, Tool, Sugar Ray, Pantera, Metillica, and SlipKnot
Movies (atleast 3): American History X, Memento and Finding Nemo
Books (1 is good): The Stand
Color: baby blue
TV Show: The Shield
Place to Shop: Aeropostale

Bush:   I'm praying that he doesn't get reelected..all he's done is mess our country up and declare war...unemployement and the national debt are both at an all time high because of him.
Kerry: Hoping that he'll take Bushs spot and turn this nation around, plus he's pro-choice therefore abortion won't be made illegal
Fahrenheit 911: I SO WANTED TO SEE THAT..but when I finally got the time to go to the movies, it wasn't playing anymore
The current musical industry: I hate this EMO and teeny bop bs..
Abortion: I personaly would never have one, only if I was raped would I have one, but that doesn't mean that I should goveron whatr other women should/shouldn't and can/cann't do with their own bodies.  I defiantly don't want no male president or congressmen trying to tell us femlaes what we can or cann't do with our bodies.  Plus to top that all off, if abortion was made illegal, then women would end up doing do-it-yourself abortion...which means metal coat hanger..
Gay Marriage: Hey if you find your true love and they happened to be the same sex, more pwoer to ya, so why not let you get married.  Marriage is not just about the union between a man and a women, but rather about the fact that you've found your true love and the person that you want to always be with.


Because I am the ever sexy Melinda..LOL..I'm me and thats all...


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