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Name: Andrea
Age: 16
Location: Lake Mary
Sex (not a yes or no question): Female
Sex (yes or no question): No
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single.. I just broke up.

Music (atleast 5): Yellowcard, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Usher, Kelly Clarkson
Movies (atleast 3): Pretty Woman, Grease, Chicago, Pirates of the Carribean, Without a Paddle
Books (1 is good): The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Color: pink
TV Show: One Tree Hill (used to be Friends)
Place to Shop: Target/ American Eagle.

Bush: I like him. I agree with most of his things, and I think overall he is a good person.
Kerry: I dont like him. I dont like him only for the reason that he supports abortion.
Fahrenheit 911: I HATE Micheal Moore... I dont think he has any right bashing President Bush. I personally think hes a terrible person.
The current musical industry: I like it.. Some of the things peopel are singing about can be a bit racey but over all I like it.
Abortion: I personally think its terrible. I think its murder... and there should only be two ways that someone would be able to get an abortion. 1-rape
2- if its of threat to the mother.
Gay Marriage: I think its okay.. I really dont have an opinion on it.. It kinda grosses me out but if you like someone then go ahead. get married.



^me playing around in my room


Because... I got the oolala material!

Thank you everyone!

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