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Just Bitch

Uncontainable Emotions

The Bitchers
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i'm a person with a lot of built up anger.
the only way i can feel better,
is when i vent.
even if no one is there to listen.
you can join and vent all you want.
bitch people out,
get emotional,
vulgarity is ENCOURAGED!
the "quill"
--or in this case, the computer keyboard--
is more powerful than the sword!
((aka, dont kill urself kiddies,
just bitch here!))

Some minor stipulations...
--DO NOT use people's full names. First names are fine. DO NOT USE LAST NAMES.
--Be vulgar, curse, swear, express yourself however you want, but DO NOT harass another race, sex, or religion or make any other discriminatory remarks of kind. You can hate a PERSON for what they directly did to you, but you cannot hate an entire GROUP of people.
--No Rant is too small, so DO NOT leave comments to people telling them they should stop bitching because YOU have not lived through their situation. This community is for people to SAY HOW THEY FEEL--using writing down your feelings as a type of therapy. These people DO NOT need your expert advice. If I hear of anyone who is belittling anyone's problems that they have posted, the persecutor is banned. End of Story.
--You CAN say that you wished you were dead or wished you could kill someone for what they did to you, but DO NOT because so murderous to the fact that I'll be seeing you on America's Most Wanted.
--AND ANOTHER THING: no advertising for communities. People are here to bitch, not to sign up for your gay-ass communties. Sorry kids. Those who advertise will be banned. Happy Trails! :D

Other than that kids, have fun, vent your little hearts out, and live it up.

Oh, and by the way, this is me:
ill usually be commenting on ur entries and giving u advice where i can. if u wanna be my friend, just leave me a comment on my entries or something. im always up for making new friends :D