Want some cheese with your WHINE?

Rant your heart out!
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Everybody loves to rant and whine! Even if they don't admit it. And there's just so many things to rant about. So here's a community for it!

Here you can rant, bitch, whine, complain, babble, piss and moan..all that good stuff.

And you can do it about anything/anyone you want!
Parents pissing you off?
Friends not being friendly?
Teachers being tedious?
Are you just plain PISSED OFF?


The only rules I ask you to abide by are..
-Don't make rude comments if you don't like what someone is ranting about, it's their rant, just let it go.
-Please put long entries behind a cut.

And thats it! Have fun and bitch to your hearts content!

"The whine does get better with age!"

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