taco bell rant

i've never been very good at ordering at taco bell. yunno why? because i never know what to order.

it would be one thing if they just had typical mexican fare. burritos, tacos, quesadillas...but the majority of their dishes are things that they've invented and given a clever "spanish-sounding" name. like the new tortada. one would think that it would be a spanish variation of a torte, like a cake type thing. but no, it's some kind of weird taco sandwich wrap quesadilla thing invented by taco bell. same thing with the enchirito, which is entirely an invention of taco bell.

and the chalupa. it's not the traditional mexican chalupa, it's taco bell's unique blending of tortillas and excessive amounts of cheese and other things. the gordita has also been adapted in the same way.

and the thing that makes this most frustrating is that their menus NEVER HAVE PICTURES. mcdonalds, burger king, kentucky fried chicken, lots of other fast food restaurants, they all at least have PICTURES of their culinary inventions. so i'm left standing in the restaurant looking at this menu wondering what all of these "spanish-sounding" foods are.

and if you ask the cashier what a particular item is, their answer is of no use. basically everything on the taco bell menu is the same ingredients wrapped in a tortilla, so this response doesn't help much.

but then again, if everything on the menu is more or less the same, i suppose i don't really need to know the difference between a gordita and a tortada and a chalupa and an enchirito, do i?
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Rant - The Wonderful British Postal Scam...

 Having had, to date, 22 packages stolen by Royal Mail between Xmas and mid April 2010, reporting them, having no reply to ANY claims until I contact the Postal Review Panel, who then claimed there was no record of any of my claims, and finally topped off with a "goodwill payment" (thier words) of a fraction the value of what they have nicked, I am incensed.

A friend of mine locally has just had passport and visa's and whatnot stolen mucking up thier emigration abroad, costing them a fortune extra, and time wasted. 

Royal mail claim that they can only refund tracked/ signed for mail but then I want to know why they have non-tracked mail going through the ordinary postboxes, or why they even run such a service -  if they refuse to take responsibility for what is entrusted to them. Any other company would be torn apart for accepting money for a service not provided. This is licensed thievery, and nothing more.

But what a scam. Charge people to deliver their stuff, get them to pay you and entrust you with their things, then steal half of it, and their money for a service you aren't providing. THAT is what Royal Mail does as far as I am concerned. Its not a postal service, its licensed thievery. 
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- Was thinking (yes arrggghhh eeeekkk) this morning.   Every little while in the news theres some great song and dance about the discovery of another planet somewhere, or something like OMG theres ice on the Moon (which is a new discovery on a quite regular basis, I have noticed, hehe). Now of course, when [assuming of course they havent nuked themselves, or bred themselves to extinction or blown up the planet/ 's ecosystem in some creative manner beforehand] Humans get to prancing round exploring the galaxy, they, if they are anything like the present greed fuelled capitalists and consumerati that make up most of the species, will immediatly see every other planet as a source of raw materials/ things to kill or brainwash into more consumerati. Regardless of the fact that said planets probably belong to someone else!  The scientists are full of what "discovering this planet may mean for us" in terms of how it can be stripped of every natural resource by humans.  They are going to, in my opinion, have a very nasty shock when they discover that the planets they are raping actually belong to someone else; either who lives on that planet, or in whose territory it is. And who is unlikely to be impressed with the antics.   In fact, regardless of whether the planet is inhabited by a "advanced" species, or something like bacteria, or anything in between, it must be realised that the planet is inhabited and therefore belongs to the beings resident there, bacteria or whatever they may be.  Plundering the planet without permission from residents is theft (including if the residents are *only* bacteria, though of course it may be hard to create a trade treaty with a bacterium!) This means mitts off.   I cant help wondering therefore, if the reason so many scientists and the media like to still make out that humans are the only sentient species in the universe,  and scoff at the idea of aliens/ races from other worlds, is so that they can pretend to be purer than pure when they ransack other planets. You know all these films about alien invasion? Its not aliens invading humans, its likely to be humans invading other worlds in just that way. ? which is a rather sickening thought. Lets hope by the time humans have the technology to travel outside the solar system, they have also developed a greater sense of ethics than they presently have.
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Inspired by rude person who has just had the boot from my LJ because I am not in the mood for people who cant discuss things in a civil manner.

People on my LJ are on my LJ because they seem like nice genuine people. I dont associate with people I think are malicious, rude, or unable to be civil.

I have unconventional views on a lot of things, so do a lot of you (heh, thats something I like in a person. To think for themselves). That means we might disagree on things. Thats cool. I mean its lovely when everyone agrees with you, but it aint going to happen. However should you wish to discuss differences of view, theres a way of doing it, and a way of not doing it. The way to do it is pleasantly, for example "so you believe [this or that]? I am not sure that I do, because [this or that].... and then we can have an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of the idea (even if we dont change our minds, hehe) Rudness and insults is NOT how you do it. "I think youre dumb " is in effect a highly dumb comment from someone who is too dumb to be civil or formulate a proper response about thier point of view in a civil manner.

Friendship (and this goes equally for online friends, IRL friends and penfriends, theres no excuse just because youre out of reach of a fist, to think youre exempt from this) requires a few things.
- Respect that other people might have different worldviews.
- Discuss differences in a civil manner with the understanding that the other side is fully entitled to thier opinion too.
- Be trustworthy.
- Realise the other person has needs too, so sometimes being over clingy can get a tad much.
- Help friends, without being asked, who need a bit of help, when it is in your power to do so.
- Communicate (nicely!)

Friendship is NOT
- one sided
- to take advantage of the other person in any manner at all
- to use the other person as a physical or emotional punchbag
- open to rude or abusive behaviour in any form.
- open to disrespecting the other person

I want to rip off Stephanie Meyers head!

This is a long one, you'd better get the coffee going.

Am I seriously the only person in the world that does not like the Twilight books/movies?  Seriously?
Everywhere I turn, it's Twilight this, Twilight that... and I just need to know - what is the with the teenage girls who obsess over Bella Swan, and want to be just like her?  I mean, what are you thinking?!?!  The book, which is directed at teens (particularly teenage girls) is seriously setting an unhealthy example:  Would you want your daughter/best friend/little sister/whatever looking up to an emotional unstable teen who wants to give up her life to be with her stupid vampire lover, who's not even that great?  Whatever happened to the feminists of Jane Austen's time?  Apparently, femminisim is overrated.  Apparently, the world wants to read about stupid little girls who don't know shit.

And now to move on to the quite pitiful writing spewed out of Stephanie Meyer.  IT'S TERRIBLE!  I mean c'mon, when I was in grade 4 I wrote better than that, and she graduated with a degree in literature.  And yet, the worst part, is that she sells millions and is proclaimed one of the greatest literary authors of all time.  Really, she's not.  I really do not care about how Bella Swan heated up left overs from the night before, and I really do not care about the miniscule happenings of her daily life.  I want characters with major conflicting flaws!  Bella's biggest problem is how she's going to break the news to her dad about how the love of her life is a vamp - which, (and I know it's JUST a book) is entirely unrealistic.  Granted, Meyer managed to portray the everyday goings ons in a regular teenage girls life, but that still doesn't make it worth the read. 

This book/movie does NOT, I repeat, does NOT deserve the hype or acclaim it's getting.  I mean really.

The scariest part about this is the fangirls who were actually screaming and freaking out in the lineups for the movie, and practically swooning over Edward Cullen (who, by the way, was also in Harry Potter, a better book/movie combo, but he didn't get the swooning and obsessing in that movie, now did he?) and crying when the film was over.  I mean, that's so great that you're really into something, but does it have to be something as superficial and flaky as this?
But the point I was trying to make but carried off on a tangent instead was:  If you say one thing against precious Twilight they will leap upon you and devour your sex organs.  Not all of them, I'll say, but anyone under 17, or anyone who still has the brain of a 12 year old.

So now I'm way to tired to continue on, but all I have to say is be careful who you diss Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, any of the Cullen's, movie Cullens, Stephanie Meyer etc in front of, because it may be your last words!

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I think, the way the world is, we all wonder why we are here. And lots of us, me included, find many aspects of this world virtually unlivable. Even many sheeple who apparantly lack self-awareness, personality, and intellect and who blindly follow whatever capitalist fads are foisted upon them to keep them enslaved, feel an undefined boredom, and blah-ness. 
Okay so we feel the world is not a nice place, and a lot of it isnt. Its evil, dishonest, exploitative, destructive, malicious, etc etc. 
One of my philosophies of life is that as well as being incarnate to learn and experience, and add to our own souls upward spiral of evolution/learning, we are also equally greatly required to contribute to the upward journey of other souls and the planet upon which we reside. That doesnt mean kicking in someones door telling them to run to church or whatever, but instead means doing at least SOMETHING positive for the world and other residents of the planet (however many legs/ roots/ fins  they have, hehe). This "something positive" will vary wildly. Someone might decide to make thier garden friendly to wildlife so that wild creatures have somewhere to find food and water. Someone else might decide to be a nurse . Yet someone else might just flit on in a friendly manner and engage in little random acts of kindness. All of that is adding positivity in one area or another. But I think its a duty of every person on the planet to contribute to the positivity on the planet. Imagine if everyone in the world considered it thier duty to do something positive/ kind/ helpful for another being on the planet, every single day, and considered it thier duty not to give into random impulses of spite or greed.
Its very easy to be tempted by greed, or in a fit of temper be spiteful. I am sure we all have those feelings sometimes. But the real test is whether you carry those temptations out or not. 
So, make it part of your daily routine to do *something*  positive, even if its small like putting out some water for the passing dogs on a hot day, or giving a lonley neighbor a wave and smile on your way in or out, just something nice  for another resident of the planet. 
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Made an observation this morning that I don't like.

I was reading the archives on a vegan forum and I just noticed that the mentality of hardcore vegetarian, so far only vegans, I've observed, is that of religious people. Very intolerant of people who are honestly minding their own business. Very critical of people who try as hard as they can to be vegetarian. I'm sure it is easier to be lacto ovo, or pesco, or whatever other names exist. But just because it is what works for them doesn't mean they don't deserve some level of respect for their effort.

Some of them, like me, could have been eating hamburgers and steak a few times a week.

It's like the efforts aren't "good enough" so they might as well not be trying at all.

Not everyone feels the need to sacrifice themselves for the veg cause. Some people have other priorities. Can't we just give them a handshake and say thanks for trying?

I mean, if someone donates a few dollars to a charity drive, but they need millions, does that not still add up with all of those people making a small sacrifice???

No wonder I can't get along with so many of them.

And no wonder I feel like I'm going in circles all of the time.

This revelation is already irking me.

On holidays and my birthday I eat what I want, which is usually something with milk and/or eggs, like cake! Does this make my avoidance of those foods the rest of the year obsolete? Does it go back in time and torture all of the animals I helped spare? I consider myself vegan except on holidays and special occasions.

So I wonder, if 360 days out of the year isn't good enough?

I'm starting to think that the cause is really just a way for people to act fanatical about something.
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i think it's really fucked up when people make fun of people with STDs. or just STDs in general. i.e. when AIDS or herpes is the punchline of a joke.

that's fucked up.

like when the whole chris brown vs. rihanna things happened, and it was rumored that he beat the shit out of her because she gave him herpes, everyone i knew laughed hysterically. no, it's not domestic abuse. no, it's not sad that he beat the shit out of a beautiful woman. no, it's funny because she gave him a chronic sexually transmitted infection.

i just think it's really fucked up. and whenever i express this sentiment, it's always turned back on me, and everyone goes, "what, do YOU have an STD??? HAHAHAHAHAHA." which i don't. and it's sad that that's the only reaction i get.

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i honestly don't understand how people can manage to constantly get parking tickets and have their car towed.

i have friends who have 4358728358 parking tickets. i have this one friend who manages to get her car towed every couple of months. then these kids turn around and complain about how they're broke all the time.

it's easy. pay attention. when you park your car, look around. if there's a big red sign saying NO PARKING ON THURSDAYS BETWEEN 5PM AND 7PM and it's a thursday between 5 pm and 7 pm, DON'T PARK THERE. if you park in a lot and there's a big sign in it saying PRIVATE PROPERTY. ALL VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED AT OWNER'S EXPENSE, don't fucking park there. it's not that hard.

and here's a telltale sign that you might be missing something: if you're the only car parked on a certain side of a street or in a certain area, take an extra look. doesn't it seem a bit strange that you're the only car parked on the entire side of the street?

i just don't understand how people can so easily not pay attention.

i live in san francisco. this is where most of these tickets and towings take place. admittedly, the parking rules can be kind of confusing, but only downtown. everywhere else in the city, it's pretty straightforward. i've been living in this city with a car for three years, and i've only gotten one parking ticket. the entire time i've been driving, i've only had my car towed once, and it wasn't my fault and i ended up not being liable.

i dunno. maybe i'm just really good at paying attention? please.
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i saw a chick in a 'ducktails' t-shirt today
my first thought was
punch that bitch in the neck and steal her shirt
my second thought was
aw, shit. it's not like it would fit me anyway

be glad i love mac and cheese, people

that's all i'm really saying here...