coeur_casse_x3 (coeur_casse_x3) wrote in __randomosity__,

so here i am before school starts, guess the sub forgot to lock the door?XD works to my advantage, not sure why i decided to try the door anyway though odd..

umm..god i feel awful>_< like when your trying to quit a really addictive drug, only im sad and hysterical and moody

anyway was looking through the magazine and saw an add for cervical cancer awareness and they listed the symptoms and ive had all of them>_< the bleeding only happened once but still...

been meaning to tell mommy but the pains usually not there when shes around and its hard to describe it, ill deal with it after midterms i guess i cant be bothered with anything now

and midterms are the week after next week, nto next week:D thank goodness>_< thought i was going to pass out when james was like no they're next week

taht was pretty mean though...

so i have two weeks to get my grades up eh i can do it

tiana was like do you want me to tutor you? and i was like arent you failing spanish too? yes she is:P

friend drew me the cutest prettiest sign, it has i love sneha on it and he made it all pretty, awe made my day, i put it in my spanish binder

*yawns* umm...what else? oh right i was going to put a convo

i have a week to read lord of the ringsXD i overjudged my reading ability, its slipped a bit cause i havent read in a while

actually less then a week i have all of this weekend i guess

anyway the convo

i dont know how to spell his name so im going to make it up

gion: guys! stop talking get in line *his phone rings this realyl weird alien ring tone*

katie: wow your pants are acting funky

gion: *blushes and puts his rifle in front of his crotch* its not my fault

katie: what are you talking about?

gion: my pants were just like that when i got up

kelley: huh?

gion: well they just wouldnt zip guys

and then after a bit we got it and couldnt stop laughingXD it was so cute, he was all blushing and shy the rest of the practice and kept putting the rifle in front of his cortch funny...we were talking about the cell phone ring

he hasnt showed up to coach us since, poor guy

well its funnier if your there:P

mm..what else? oh yea life sucks>_<

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