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Are you Radical ?

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Hello! This is a community like many
others to post photos. But the difference in this community is that your photos
have to be radical!

- First 5 members are auto-stamped.

- You MUST use an LJ-cut tag to put in an application. If you don't know
it...it's <*lj-cut text="My Application"*>You application goes here.
[take out the stars]
- The members are to judge you acordingly. If they are mean, don't be a bitch to
them. I will not hesitate to ban you. By joining this community you set yourself
out there for critasisim. So deal.
- If you get rejected, dont feel bad come back in another week with better
pictures. If your pictures still suck, too bad. You only get two chances. So
dont fucking re-play again a third time!
-Please post at least 5 pictures for us to judge. More, the better.
- You must have 5 YES's or NO's to be stamped.
- PLEASE premote this place. We are always in need of new members. If you don't
want to premote. Don't join.
- In the subject line of your post, it MUST say "Kellogs" so I knew you
read the rules. =]
- You MUST post your application 48 hours after joining. If you don't,
you will be rejected.
-After you've gotten accepted, feel free to post any kind of photos you want.
Concerts, toilets, art, graphic, everything is welcome
- For your application, you do NOT have to answer any questions, only post a minimum of 4 pictures. We do not want a picture of your body, your hand, or the person that lives right next to you. 4 face pictures for the application. If you do get accepted, you can post any kinds of pictures but ONLY if you were accepted.

...The Mods...



.x. Accepted .x.

.x. Rejected .x.

.x. Stamps .x.