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A B O U T ;;

tubbz created and founded this community from her love of quotes and knew other people out there had to love them just as much as she did.

This community is members only so feel free to join. Your request will be accepted momentarily. However, if you get declined, and are not sure why, contact one of the maintainers. If you join with a username that you plan to use just for communities, it would be helpful if there is at least one post in that journal that mentions this; 'for communities only'. It will get you accepted quickly. We hope you enjoy __quotexwhore.

R U L E S ;;

1. Only post entries about quotes. Do not post pictures, unless they are picture quotes to go along with your entry. This is not a photo sharing community.

2. Every post must have a quote, even if you are requesting.

3. Look through the tags or memories before requesting! Your request can be answered very easily this way.

4. Do not promote another community. If you want to promote, contact a maintainer. Otherwise you will be banned. Do not promote myspaces or other journals. This includes tumblrs. There is a post located within the sidebar, and memories that members will be allowed to post their tumblr links.

5. Profiles are allowed to be posted, but you must have additional quotes in the post. The picture of the profile must be big enough to actually read the quotes, otherwise your post will be deleted.

6. Quote icons and quote banners are allowed to be posted here, but you can not take requests for them.

7. Don’t post quotes with TyPiNg LiKe tHiS or with shortened words such as "u" instead of "you" or "r" instead of "are". Just make them typed out as grammatically correct as possible. We understand most people just copy and paste what they have saved. Please take the time to correct such small errors.

8. If you want to post a lot of quotes, make more than one post. If you have over 10 quotes, or they are a large font, use an lj-cut. Just copy what is in the box:

9. Quotes are quotes because of who said them. If you know who said it, put it beside or under the quote. That person deserves proper credit. If you don’t know who wrote the quote, don’t worry about it.

10. This community is members only. If caught changing your post from private to public, you will be banned without warning.

M A I N T A I N E R S ;;

lj: tubbz

lj: mysweet_sorrow

lj: killahnatalie

lj: __bombasticlove

A F F I L I A T E S ;;

communities pertaining to quotes:

quotes_xox, quotexable

communities not pertaining to quotes:

foundanote, elegants

P R O M O B A N N E R S ;;

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