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does any one know the quote about love that goes "love: a word people use....." i thought i saved it but i apparently didnt. & does anyone have any quotes on being used by a friend and/or quotes or anything about a boy drunk texting you telling you he misses you & loves you (side story: a male friend of mine does this at least once a week. we met & a few months ago & he showed interest in me & told me he really likes me but everything changed overnight. we are still friends but he kinda played/used me.)
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Florence and the Machine


i'm supposed to post a few.

& he'll forever remember her warm embrace
just like her lipstick stained his pillowcase.

some things are meant to be broken
& i won't settle to be one of them

may the wind always be at your back,
the sun upon your face & may the wings
of desting carry you aloft to dance with
the stars


use somebody, or be used
seems like they're our only options

she has problems with being to school tardy, she'll
lend you her toothbrush, she'll bartend your party.
-kings of leon

i should be ashamed of this,
i'm not.

-the audition

the day the earth ends, will be chaos.
people crowding the airpor, screams, cries,
hugs, kisses, people trying to find their
loved ones, & phone lines being slowed
down by the millions of phone calls & texts being
sent by people trying to tell other's
things they never said. never take a day
for granted, and never let one crucial
thought or feeling go unspoken.  there
will be a day when that chance expires.

all i can say is, one day i hope
our two seperate paths intersect
once again