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hi everyone.

im making an iMovie for my boyfriends graduation present. the movie is just going to have a bunch of pictures of us with some good songs...then some lyrics of them...and just other things haha.

i need a title for this!

on the cover it says:


Brandon & Antonia

(picture of us here)

-i need a title for right here-




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Ok... so I have a boyfriend.
And there's this other kid that I like.. a lot..more than my boyfriend.
And my boyfriend hates this kid.
But the thing is.. the kid that I like... also likes my cousin and whatever.
It hurts soo bad.
I really like him, but I don't want to break up with my boyfriend.
Any quotes about something like this?? Liking someone more than your boyfriend or something..

Looks change.

Ill start off here..my boyfriend had the same hair cut for about 8 years and he wouldnt change it for anything, till I convinced him finally to try something different. Well, he got it cut so great looking that it makes me question things, cause he is acting so conceited; he is gorgeous, but hes taking this too far. Any quotes on someone so fixed on there looks that, youre scared theyre going to let it change inside and even change/hurt the relationship?

Many thanks in advance.
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Quote Request:

Merry Christmas && Happy Holidays to you all. I need some quotes again my darlings.

A. Realizing you are over someone.
B. Finding someone to take their place.
C. New Crush

I just recently got over my ex && I met someone else who I really like. Any quotes that sound similar would be helpful. Thanks <3
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I just joined && I need a bunch of quotes. I recently got out of a relationship and my ex and I are no longer friends. The problem with our relationship is that I wasn't happy with her and I tried to force myself to be. She wasn't what I wanted and I thought I loved her, but in reality I only cared for her. She made me feel special & loved so I tried to force the relationship to work. She was happy, but I felt as though something important was missing. She is extremely angry with me but I think it is best to let someone go when you realize you aren't what they need even if they do love you more than life itself. I recently met someone new and I really like her. I need quotes on:

A. Realizing you never really loved someone
B. A new love
C. On crushing on someone && not knowing what to do
D. On first love
E. On crushes in general
F. Finally finding your one true love

Thanks && Kisses <3
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Funny/Humorous quotes

i'm now able to make icons and im wanting to make some text icons, just to practice my skills. but i need some really funny oh-my-GOSH-where-did-you-hear-that???? type things. it doesnt have to be *that* funny, but just something that gives you a giggle or whatever. hope im being specific enough. but yeah, please AAAAANYTHING you have would be greatly appreciated.

BUT keep in mind: they're going on icons, so i dont need paragraphs, just a line or 2 will be great. song quotes or anything of the sort would be fabulous too :)

thanks in advance!
♥♥ Meg

study or perseverance quotes

Hello communtiy. There have been times when I've felt laziness towards doing actually college homework. Maybe cause the load is just too much. I was hoping someone out could give me some quotes of encouragement. I don't want to be a slacker, but I know that's what I've been doing lately. So thanks to whoever can help me out a bit.

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Mmmkay i need help.
For our yearbook we can put a quote or a song lyric. anything have something appropriate for a highschool year book. Something fun, something recognizable. anything would be appreciated. thanks in advance!!