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I just joined && I need a bunch of quotes. I recently got out of a relationship and my ex and I are no longer friends. The problem with our relationship is that I wasn't happy with her and I tried to force myself to be. She wasn't what I wanted and I thought I loved her, but in reality I only cared for her. She made me feel special & loved so I tried to force the relationship to work. She was happy, but I felt as though something important was missing. She is extremely angry with me but I think it is best to let someone go when you realize you aren't what they need even if they do love you more than life itself. I recently met someone new and I really like her. I need quotes on:

A. Realizing you never really loved someone
B. A new love
C. On crushing on someone && not knowing what to do
D. On first love
E. On crushes in general
F. Finally finding your one true love

Thanks && Kisses <3

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