June 6th, 2006


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so my friend has gone through some really crazy shit lately. Death of her mom unexpectedly at like 50 (shes in her 20's) a month ago and now she is unexpectedly and not intentionally pregnant. Her dad is abusive mostly verbally, and has recently since her mom's death started to get physical. her brother is pretty much an asshole too, so all she has is me and her boyfriend who is going to be a soon to be dad but doesn't know it yet, cuz she's out of the country on a study abroad trip and doesn't want to tell him till she gets back. So I'm kind of here on my own, and it's taking its toll on me, I try so hard to protect her and I would jump out in front of a truck for her, but I dunno what else to do to help her. Anyone have any quotes that I Can send just to say "keep your head up" or something related to her situation at all??

Thanks in advance I really love this community!