September 18th, 2005

Help..please please please

Okay.. I REALLY need quotes... I guess I'll just tell the story and you can go based on that lol

A guy I've been crazy over for awhile (and recently starting dating him), his ex gf went to visit him at work (while there, she wanted a hug from him, which she got) and she offered him a drive home. When they got home, she went in to say hi to his mom, and then she kissed him, he apparently pushed her away, but she wanted to spend the night.. but of course he's not that type of guy, and so he made her leave. The thing is, is that she knows about me dating him, and she is EXTREMELY jealous. She obviously wants him back. Him and I talked about it, and he was really upset cuz he doesnt deserve that and stuff..I really dunno what kinna quotes I'm looking for, ANYTHING regarding this.. I AM upset, but not at him..more at her, she obviously knows what she gave up.

Anything at have no idea how much I need them right now.. =(

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Quotes about...
regretting what you did.
something not being worth it.
an end to a relationship being your fault.
loving your ex more than anything.
throwing everything out the window.
details later.. maybe.