September 10th, 2005

dance with me

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hey everyone! um ok, so school just started back up, and i dont have any classes with the friends i usually hang out with. but its good, because ive made alot more friends who are so much fun to be around. ive had so much trouble with my old friends, and they always make me depressed because they're always ditching me and never inviting me anywhere. school is so much better, and i'm finally happy for once in my life, because of my new friends, and not having to deal with the drama of my old friends. but now its the weekend, and im pissed again because my old friends ditched me.

i need quotes on any of these...
-just wanting to end the friendship because they dont care about me
-wanting to move on even though its soo hard to say goodbye to the friendship i had for the past 5 years
-being mad that they ruined my good mood
-sick of them making me depressed
and ANYTHING else that relates! please and thank you!!

also, if you have any quotes on being happy that i finally made new friends and that im finally in a good mood, and just excited to wake up in the morning and go to school because i know they'll be there :) thanks bunches.