July 21st, 2005

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Hmm...so I've liked my ex since we broke up... and he said he liked me too, but I'm not so sure. We talked last night, and he said a buncha stuff... and it made me feel like he was gonna lead me on. Because he's been saying that we would go out soon or whatever.. and he made it clear last night that we probably weren't, without saying the words. So.. any quotes about being lead on? Or... him hurting me sooo many times, and me still having feelings 4 him maybe. Thanks guys. Appreciate it
dance with me

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i need quotes for any of the following:

-feeling suddenly shut out from every friend or group i have
-feeling alone
-needing a best friend
-needing someone to talk to
-missing the way things used to be
-missing having best friends, but not actually missing The friends
-making new friends

things just arent going so great with my friendships right now, as you can probably see, but i'm trying to make new friends and its working, but i still havent found that one best friend that i can tell everything to. if you have any quotes at all, please post, i would really appreciate it :)