July 18th, 2005

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Does anyone have any quotes relating to:
-Missing someone really bad even though you talk to them every single day
-Pouring your heart out to someone but it was useless
-Sick of excuses someone gives you (avoiding you)
-Wishing you could get over someone you love so much
-Wishing someone loved you as much as you love them
-Wanting to be loved/Feeling alone in the world

Anything of that sort, or other quotes you think would fit..Short one-liner quotes would be good since I want to use them for msn messenger..Thank you soooooooooo much <3

(no subject)

does anyone have any quotes about liking someone and them telling you they like you and that they want to go out with you but never actually asking you out?

also, does anyone have quotes on liking someone but there's someone else who likez you but you don't know how to let them down because you don't know how to do it since you lead them on by accident..

thanks . . . i'm sorry it's confusing lol ..