May 2nd, 2005


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My mom told me to dump my boyfriend of 6 months because hes not well off. Hes not dirt poor, but his family doesnt have as much as mine. I would never dump him because of money. Anyone have anything pertaining to this?

Thanxz much ♥
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anyone have anything about needing to spend time away from someone, because you like them and they dont like you so you are trying to force yourself not to like them? i hope that makes sense...or about needing to feel, you want someone to actually think of you and say 'o, she would like this...i'll make a plan' instead of just 'hmm, im shes free'. your help is greatly appreciated!

also maybe anything about missing someone, even tho you still see them, but somethings changed, and you miss the way it used to be. thanks!