February 20th, 2005

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Hiii, I just joined the community :)
I need a huuuge favor =/

Me and my best friend of like 4 years just got into a big fight because he doesn't appreciate anything that I do for him. I care a lot about him, and I don't want to see him get hurt...he drinks all the time and he does really stupid stop. I worry about him and he thinks I'm just being dumb. If you have any quotes on my situation, I'd really apprecitate it :)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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ok here's the situation. ive been hanging out with a group of friends since about the beginning of college. however right now there are all these problems and the group is splitting. however i have remained pretty neutral through the whole ordeal but now im afraid now that the group is going to totally split and im going to have to pick a side.

so to get down to the request, does anyone have any quotes about not being able to choose a side and maybe it would be better leaving instead of staying?

thanks in advance.
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