February 13th, 2005


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This might be dumb. But I need some quotes for this situation. This guy likes me and I liked him back but he didn't break up with his girlfriend and doesn't plan to. And I've liked his best friend for a while now, and something happened between us over the weekend- and now the first guy (the one with the girlfriend) is pissed at us both. Besides the dumbness, I just need some quotes that might go along wiht this.

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Anyone have any quotes about liking a "bad boy" when everyone thinks you're so perfect, even though you don't want to be?

Or just about people thinking you're such a good girl when that's the last thing you want to be?


Okay...so, I have a request. I'm kinda "going out" with this 23 year old guy, but I'm only 17 and have only told my friends. Does anyone have any quotes about really liking someone, but having to keep it under wraps or just hiding in general?? Thanx in advance.
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