February 7th, 2005

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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hi all...

i was wondering if any of you have quotes about feeling weird or being in a weird and depressed mood but you don't really know why?

anything along those lines would be great...thank you in advance.
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I need some quotes or lyrics to describe my mood, hopefully you all can help!
nothing in particular has happened, i am just easily agitated and one moment im fine and the next i just get so annoyed. its usually in regards to little things my mother says, which im sure most people experience but i think my habit of getting annoyed is worse then others. anyhow at this point im in one of those annoyed dont talk to me if you dont want to have your head bitten off kind of moods..obnoxious eh? yah i know but its somewhat difficult to change. any quotes relating to my mood? thanks in advance

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Okay i know i just posted one but i have another request. my best friend and i had once hooked up and it was weird but i liked him so much unfortunatley i was going through a rough time and wasnt willing to sacrifice our friendship. well that decision kind of tore us apart for a while, and now were back and best friends except he has a girlfriend. and im not into him, dont get me wrong hes my bestfriend, and on some level i have feelings for him but not that i want to be his girlfriend or hookup with him just that having him in my life, as friends means so much to me. but with that said, i still figured after his girlfriend goes to college/breaks up we'd hookup or something would happen but after talking to him the other day (we always joke it will) he said "i dont think we'll ever hook up again, at least not in the near future" and i said jokingly, "why you dont think we're compatible any more" and he said "no, im different my views are different, and the things i need in a girl and expect just aren't the same" which to be honest i somewhat took as an insult. well after the convo i was just kind of shocked..not because i wanted it to happen, but knowing that he didnt want it to and didnt think it would was just a kick in the back or however that saying goes i know its wrong and im at a loss for the real cliche. anyone know any lyrics/quotes that help with the situation/what im feeling. thanks!