February 6th, 2005

(no subject)

ok situation:
i was talking to my boyfriend online, and i randomly asked him 'do you trust me, under any circumstance'

i've always been a VERY firm believer in not cheating on your significant other, no matter what.

i have never cheated on a boyfriend. i have been cheated on, and it led to some really terrible things, so i know what its like, and then some. and he has cheated on a girlfriend years ago, so he knows the concequences and how it hurts others. he said he learned his lesson.

but then i asked him that and he said 'i think so'


ugh, sorry, but does anyone have any quotes about being hurt by thinking you have someones trust but then you find out you dont? i dont know, somethin glike that. something to make the pain go away.