February 2nd, 2005

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hi all, this is my first request!

does anyone have a quote about cutting yourself, or getting over the habbit, or even something about helping you get over it? i've been struggling for a while now to stop, and i slowly have been, but i need an inspirational thought to help. thanks so much!!


ps, i love this community
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Situation: I like this guy, and like a few weeks ago I found out he likes me too and then we became like "together" and whatever. Last week was midterm week and we didn't really have a lot of school so we spent most of that time hanging out together and now that this week we're back in school for normal school days he sort of seems like he is avoiding me. Like, we used to talk and hang out in between classes and we'd talk during lunch considering we don't have any classes otgether or anything, but now that's not happening. His friends say he still likes me, but I'm sort of a needy person and I kind of feel like he doesn't, and the worst part is that I'm starting to think maybe he used me to "get some". Any quotes for the situation? Pleaseeee.