February 1st, 2005

Cooler Than You

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Ok, let me try to explain the situation. My ex bf and I broke up, him wanting it more than me because he wanted me to be happy because he said he didnt make me happy... thinking he was doing me a favor. Plus, he wasnt all that happy too. But since we broke up, I havent been happy... 4 months later... and I'm dating someone new who I wish I could like. He is so good to me. And we're getting serious. I just cant stop missing my ex. We still keep in contact... goodness it sucks. Any quotes relating to this?

Thanks bunches. This is an awesome community. Thanks for making it.

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I really think I'm going to love this community!!! My first request is anything about brothers and sisters. The relationship between them. The whole love/hate thing or the hate then love now friends thing. Does that make sense???
My next request is about fathers and kids.
I'm making a collage of child hood pictures with quotes...
Thank you!!!

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Hey guys, I'm new, too. I love this place already, I am forever wanting to request quotes, but so many places have a cow if you do so. So, thank you!!

Anyone have any quotes about being head over heals for your boyfriend? Or being in love with him, but afraid of telling him so .. because you're pretty sure he's not at that point yet? Anything about loving him, or being head over heals for him. THANKS! :)