January 30th, 2005

Yet Care...

Opening Post!


But it's true that, unlike my sisters, I'm promiscuous with words. Words are the breath of my body, the food of my soul, the sex toys of my crotch.
[Susan J. Leonardi, "And Then They Were Nuns"]

Finally! Somewhere to request and find the quotes, lyrics and authors you need! We're dedicated to locating that perfect quote you've been searching for. No one will be admonished for requesting or responding to requests in this community! All requests and findings will eventually be categorized in the community's memories page to find quotes even faster.

Members needed!
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General Rules:

Community members will be given multiple chances, ie. warnings, when rules are broken. If they continue to go against the rules, they will be blocked from the community. There aren't many rules as is; help keep it that way.

  • Do not post quotes in this community--unless they are associated with a request. This community is explicitly for requests.

  • If you know the author of the quote you're posting, do credit him or her.

  • Anyone can post a request and anyone can reply to a request. No bashing.

  • There aren't any posting limits--request as much as you want.

  • Guidelines When Requesting:

  • Be as specific as possible.

  • Use lj-cuts where needed.

  • When available, check the memories before you post.

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    i just wanted to say i think this community is a great idea, and i'm really glad it was made.

    but following the theme of the community:
    do you have any quotes about just wanting things to go well so you can start enjoying life. thats vauge i apologize, but i mean along the lines of someone whose stopped caring about what other people think, because just having a good time and being happy is more important than other peoples perceptions.
    thanks in advance:-)