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80's, acting, adam sandler, angry poetry, animal rights, antiwar, art, baloon animals, baths, bellybuttons, bettie page, big hair, big ones, black and white photography, bleeding through, body piercings, boobs, books, boy sets fire, boys, brandon lee, chicks who dig chicks, coheed and cambria, crap, cursive, death, east bay, emo glasses, emocore, every time i die, eyeliner, eyes, fata, fightclub, fog, forks, friends, fun, gay boys, gay girls, girls, good hair, good times, grindcore, halloween, hard moshing, hardcore, hiding, horror films, hot, hot hot heat, hxc, ice cream, in reverent fear, insanity, jack skellington, james dean, johnny depp, kissing, life, little ones, live hardcore shows, long showers, loud noises, love, massages, matchbook romance, me, me naked, metal, metallica, milfs, monsters, morisse, morning wood, music, my vibrator, necrofeliac, nekromantix, nerds, nerdy glasses, new, nice eyes, night, nightmare before christmas, norma jean, not ugly, nude, nudity, orgasms, photography, picking fights, pictures, piercings, poetry, poison the well, popping my coller, post-it notes, pretty, pretty people, reading, rocky horror picture show, scars, scissorhands, screaming, screamo, serial killers, sex, shai hullud, shai hulud, shattered screams, small, small brown bike, snot, soilent green, spiky hair, spontaneous people, stars, stomachs, sushi, sxe, talking, the crow, the misfits, the smiths, the used, things that smell funny, thrash, thrice, thursday, tight pants, tofu, tongues, tricycles, us, vampires, vegans, vegetarians, voyerism, watching movies, watching tv, writing, writing poems, xxx, you, young