a request...

Could someone please make an icon with the This Providence lyrics
"I know that my moods were changing like the weather. Do you ever dream of us together?"
and/or another one that says
"Take me past the color of your eyes."

I'm not picky about color or background, just do whatever. I'll be sure to credit and everything and I would love you forever and after.
Thanks in advance
Cherries Gone... ^_^

(no subject)

People, look, I'm really not trying to be a bitch, but people post pictures outside of lj-cuts.. that's really getting annoying. I warn, I give a little time, and then I delete. I'm sorry, I really am, but if you can't go back and change it after I TOLD you that it should be under an lj-cut AND gave you a couple days to change it... It deserves to be deleted.

You only get one warning.