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[PSYCHOgarden] jrock & visual kei community within the UK and Ireland

[PSYCHOgarden] jrock & visual kei in the UK
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Welcome to [PSYCHOgarden], a community for Japanese Rock fans based in the UK & Ireland.

[PSYCHO]garden Livejournal Community


Named after Plastic Tree's song 'Psychogarden'; the aim of this jrock and visual kei community is to provide a place for the often neglected UK based fans to find each other, and to inform fans of general happenings in the Jrock world, especially with so many Lives now happening just across the water in France and Germany. 2004 was a great year for Jrock in Europe, and 2005 is working out even better, and for the UK too!


Jrock is Japanese rock music, of which Visual Kei is a popular style, especially in the West. Visual Kei simply means 'visual type' and while it does refer to a particular style and image bands portray visually on stage, there is a visual kei sound. We don't quite know what but it is there. Within visual kei there are a LOT of sub-genres (just like every other genre) such as oshare kei, eroguro, angura kei etc. A few groups are also categorised not only by their look, but by what label they are signed to, e.g. Matina.


1. Be polite to each other, no flaming or over criticising of someone's views
2. Please keep fangirling etc to an absolute minimum
3. Post long entries and huge images behind cuts - thumbnail/small images are cool

Oh and this isn't a rule (as it would be silly to be ordering people to do this) but please post lots and have fun. ^^



November 11 - UNITED KINGDOM - D'espairsRay @ Carling Academy, Islington


September 29 - Germany - 12012 @ Munich
October 1 - France - 12012 @ Paris



August 21st - BLOOD @ Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry


Jmusic Europa aka JaME - European Jmusic Site
Jrock Saga
Yes Asia - Place to purchase Jmusic
CD Japan - Place to purchase Jmusic
Third Stage - Place to buy Jmusic
Visunavi - Excellent Japanese information site (in Japanese)
Grass Thread - Very comprehensive database (in Japanese)

__official_band_websites__ - (d) marks disbanded groups

Acidman ; Acid Android ; Aikaryu ; AILE ; Ali Project ; alice nine. ; Alumi Land ; Ambivalent ; ANNY'S LTD ; Anti Kranke ; Antique Cafe ; Atmos*Note ; Aushvitz ; Ayabie
CalorZe(d) ; +Celestia le Ciel+ ; Charlotte ; Clavier ; COOKY ; Cuartet(d)
D ; Daughter ; deadman ; [denno;oblaat] ; +D'espairsRay+ ; Dir en Grey
eight ; Eile de Mu ; Ellegarden
Fairy Fore(d) ; FAKE? ; Fatima(d)
Gackt ; Galneryus ; GHOST ; gossip
Heart ; Hime Ichigo ; Hyde
Imitation PoPS Uchuu Sentai NOIZ ; Inugami Circus Dan
J ; Janne Da Arc ; Jinkaku Radio ; JOKER(d) ;
Kagerou ; Kagrra ; Kalen(d) ; Kamikaze Boyz ; Kana ; Kemuri ; Kirito ; Kra ; KuRt
L'arc~en~ciel ; lab. ; Lolita No.18
machine ; Marusa(d) ; MASK ; Merry ; Miyavi ; moll'e node ; MUCC
Penicillin ; Pierrot ; PLASTIC ; Plastic Tree ; POTSHOT ; Psycho le Cému ; Puppet Mammy
Scar. ; SCISSOR(d) ; SHAKALABBITS ; Shelly Trip Realize ; Shichisan Shiki ; Shulla(d) ; SID ; SIN(d) ; Sons of All Pussys ; Sunsgrind
TETSU69 ; The Dust 'N' Bonez ; The Pumpkin Head


Loop Ash - MASK (d); An Cafe; Kamikaze Boyz; Heart; JOKER(d); Marusa;
Undercode - Vidoll; Phantasmagoria; Karen(d); Sugar Folkfull; 12012; CodomoA; Pashya; Dari; Siva;
PSCompany - Miyavi; Gazette; Alice Nine; Kagrra; Kra;
Donuts Records - Barby; Samurai69; Aliza Marie; Under; KeiL; Phobia; LADY; Vizell
Speeddisk - Ayabie; KuRt; Lolita23q; Wizard; Serial Number; Screw; Unscraw