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Ame Attendees

I got the go ahead for the Jrock event at Ame. Late notice for me telling you perhaps but two weeks is still enough time and I only just got home. *jetlag jetlag*

Anyway, from my post on the Ame forum. Send me your ideas please :D

I need to finish finalising details of timings with Aqua yet but I want to have ideas and so on from the jrock contingency on the forum as to anything in particular they want to do.

In addition to the Party, for two hours on Saturday Afternoon (after the Goth loli event iirc) there will be a room allocated for jrock fans to just meet and discuss, share our experiences of concerts, offer makeup hints and anything you want. There will *hopefully* be a screen to run videos but this is less formal than a video screening or panel, the videos and music will just play in the background. I will have some magazines to flip through and some posters that need to go to good homes, bring anything to share or things you don't want/need anymore.

Beyond that does anyone have any good ideas of things we could do, like games? I don't want to plan and set things in stone in case people simply want an informal meet up. I posted the suggestion on an LJ community I run a while back and Kdelioncourt suggested the following:
'Something more ridiculous-sounding: a makeup race. As in, teams of a couple of people (one as the model/victim for the others) compete to reproduce a set VK makeup (insert musician picture here) the fastest and most successfully (and trying to put makeup on someone when you're rushing isn't easy!) If that makes sense ^^;'
Another idea I had was something cosplay based. A photoshoot perhaps? I'm open to all suggestions!
Kouki - are you hot XD

Gazette in Cologne

Hello all just wondering if there's any1 here going to the Gazette concerts in Bonn, Germany at the end of this month.

At the moment this is just an IF situation but well me and my friend bonhwa are going with a group but for some daft unknown reason they've only booked rooms for them and not us ¬¬
So if we can't get them to rebook would anyone fancy sharing a dorm with us just we want a dorm preferably cos it would work out a lot cheaper for all. I know some ppl might be uncomfortable with sharing a room with strangers XD but were harmless and like many other bands oh and we draw XD (wow how would that help) but yeah I make stupid J-tard comics a lot read em at j_tardist if you want so hopefully we could have a laugh. 
Sorry to post this I prolly sound like one of those annoying people you get at the dir_en_grey comm a lot -__- but I figured it was worth a shot.

If you've already got a room or whatever it'd be cool to meet up cos we always enjoy meeting UK J-rock fans. Were going both concerts and will be cosplaying for one. (Shou_Ns fault >O she talked me into it XD)

And finally not related to Gazette but hope to see some of you at amecon in August specially if you're cosplaying. I always sell prints and art at cons so if there's summat you want or art of a particular band feel free to request or see my DeviantArt  gallery for possible prints. I draw general VK inspired charas and J-rockers(mostly Ruki from Gazette XD) as well as other crap.

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Attention: Kurage!

We're complete lazy fuckers here with updates...

Anyway, if you haven't heard already (I've been screaming pretty loud with the happies) Plastic Tree are coming to play some concerts in Mexico, Germany & France around end of July/August time. They haven't announced much, only that the tour is starting in Tokyo on the 2nd July.

So, don't know if there are any other Pura fans, but I'll post more info later on.
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(no subject)

Aaah two posts sorry -_-;;

But anyway, New Euro Giggage News!!!

Ayabie are coming to town.. well technically Germany but still. They are playing at the Batschkapp in Frankfurt on June 18th.

BAH I chose a Bad Year to take a year out in Hong Kong! Now the Indies kids are doing the Euro thang!

Go and support Ryuuhei's squoodgy face~yo >:O

Credit to JaME and more info HERE too.
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(no subject)

Is anyone going to any of the upcoming European gigs? Or have been to them recently?

How were they, just out of interest to see how the European fandom is changing if at all :)

Oh and by the way, happy thing of the day, PIERROT are releasing a new single in June as PIERROT again. Hurrahs. No more Gackto-Kirito!. Oh and it seems Gackt isn't going down too hot now, mention his name to any of my Japanese friends and they all go 'ewwww'. The Brie face thing amused my friend, Akane alot. XD

Sorry flew off onto a tangent...so European gigs, how have they been?
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Rentrer en Soi

As I was doing an OHP boredom browsing, I noticed that Rentrer en Soi (sorry, RENTER EN SOI) have a preview movie of their new single up at their hp. I'm only posting about this because it saddens me somewhat... not only have their visuals changed and dampened down a bit (major indications?) but musically they seem to have changed. It's a bit darker, heavier and I don't like how Satsuki's voice has changed. He's no longer my angelic vision in white it seems ;_;

What does everyone else think?

http://www.rentrerensoi.com/ (click on the 'movie' part. Oh and profiles to see their new image)
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Potential Jrock/ VK meetup at Ame


Just want to get some thoughts on this really.. I'm thinking of maybe asking the Ame organisers if I can arrange or hold a VisKei meetup at Ame. There have been EGL teaparties and party nights, and of course, BLOOD in the past but there seems to be a lack of a group if you see what I mean, more just small groups of friends who like vk but no organised 'Hey let's get together as a big group of fans of this genre of music'. Maybe I'm wrong but I haven't seen one at cons since Jmusic began to make more of an impact.

So would people think this is a good idea?
Find a space ~preferably indoors for media usage~ where we can all get together to talk about this thing we all so love, share experiences, watch stuff, um read magazines, try makeup maybe... Could do a vk based photoshoot too and if anyone has stuff to sell by private sales then that too I guess.

Do you think people would come and does anyone have any other ideas? It would be nice to gain some cohesion in the UK Viskei community, we could all get to know each other better and perhaps organisation could make something larger like the more organised nature of things on the continent.
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(no subject)

Small note: Have updated a full listing of the forthcoming European visual concerts for the next few months. It's shocking to see how fast the 'one gig a year' of 2004 has grown into so much choice x.x