mister_mori (mister_mori) wrote in __psychogarden,

If this is not allowed then let me know and I'll delete it.

My friend and I have started a band and it will be jrock influenced. Some of the songs will be in english but some will be in japanese also (the singer is japanese so whatever we do he'll be able to carry it off.) The style will be a mix from slightly heavier to jazzy style;think like the song dasei boogie by nightmare.
We have a lead guitarist and singer/Taro and a bassist/myself. So right now we are looking for rythem guitar but most importantly a drummer!
So if you live near London, or can travel here at least once a week for practice.
If you have style and rythem then we need you. It's ok if you are not zomg amain'..we can help you along. If you can do decent hi-hat work and offbeats then that's cool.


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