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PrEtTy In PiNk!

A Rating Community!

Pretty In Pink- A Rating Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Community Info-
This is a community where you fill out an application and other members and mod's will decide if you should be accepted into the community and allowed to rate other people. If you do not get accepted do not be disapointed, there are many rating communitys out there, this one just isn't for you.

Rules for applications
1. Please fill out all questions on the application... even posting pictures. If we cannot see the pictures, then you will not be accepted... you will not be accepted if you do not fill out ALL questions on the form.
2. If you miss a question and no one has posted about your application yet you may add it into a comment, however if someone has already voted then you will not be able to add it as a comment.
3. Do not get mad if you are not accepted in, and do not post applications more than once.
4. a MOD will post a picture saying if you are accepted or rejected, please do not vote on anyone elses app. if a mod has not posted if you are accepted or rejected.
5. If you do not post an application within 48 hours of joining, you will be banned

Rules for people accepted in
1. You need to vote for every application
2. You need to promote like crazy for our site!
3. You need to be joined to ALL communitys assosiated with this one.

Rules for people NOT accepted in
If you do not get accepted in to the community please unjoin the group right away and do not post or vote anymore.

NOTE- to be able to post your application you need to join the community first.

Please post this in a cut with the subject of the cut Pretty In Pink!
Make sure to fill out all of the questions or you will automatically be rejected

TV Show:
Solo Artist/Singer:
What is your favorite part about the area you live in?:
What do you think of Adam Brody?:
Who is your favorite actor and why?:
Do you want to go to college? What do you want to major in?:
What is your favorite thing about yourself?:
What is a weird random thing about yourself?:
What sport are you best at?:
What stores do you shop at?:
Promote us in at least 2 COMMUNITIES and post the links for them here:
Post at least 2 picures of yourself (Make sure we can actually see them):

Accepted and Rejected-
After a 3 members post (for now since there aren't many members) then a mod will post whether you have been accepted or rejected! There will be a picture there saying if you are accepted or rejected!


If you are accepted into the group these are the extensions of this community... you need to join them AFTER you are accepted into the community!