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Name:  JaDe
Age: 13
State:  Mississippi
Grade: chick
Hobbies:  Ive answered this before, and I don't wanna mess this one up, I do like to tlk to friends when Im not busy, and I babysit ALOT, and I like hanging with people at school! I also love church!

Bands (5):
-As I lay dieing
-Hawthorne Heights
-Casting Crowns
Books (3):
-Give a Boy a Gun
- Demon in My view
Movies (2):
-Painful secrets
Food: Potatoes
Colors (2):
Season: Spring
Subject in School: Math

Abortion: I think abortion is not really cool at all Im up for it when you were raped or something, but if its just you being stupid, and getting knocked up, you need to keep responsibilities, and have the baby, instead of in my opinion, kill someone
Love: Love is something that happens, I think love can be a real beautiful thing sometimes, when someone loves another, they don't love them for what they pretend to be, what they really are deep down
Eating Disorders:I think eating disorders aren't really cool, even though, I used to have an eating disorder, I still think it is wrong, and if you have one you need to realize you need help, bc people have eating disorders due to depression, and all
Gay Marriages: okay, Ive been dogged out on this one, I used to be BI, okay, then I became a christian, and people made fun of me so I changed my ways, I don't think gay marriges are wrong because the person loves the other and it is all that matters
Drugs: I don't really think drugs are acceptable, because so amny people loose their lifes to drugs, and people need to know drugs aren't ways to deal with problems, doing drugs is kinda like trying to get rid of pain of something else, like you wanna get rid of something, so you do drugs, drugs, and pretty bad, they shouldn't really be on the earth
Underage Drinking: I used to be an underage drinker, bc my parents were alchoholics, I still drink now and then, but in my opinion, drinking shouldn't be aloud either... People loose their lifes by other peoples drinking, and if it were up to me, I would make the legal drinking age a really high age, or ban drinking

Why you want to be here: i LOVE communities, and I think this one is pretty cool
Where You Heard From us: I as looking on someones promos
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