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PŗĚtTŷ Ĩŋ PįŇĸ

×PŗĚtTŷ Ĩŋ PįŇĸ×
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is a rating community. Do not join if you do not want to be rated.

Welcome to __pretty_inpink. This is a community based on looks and fashion sense. If you have niether, leave. This community is run by meliki_.

Rules for Applicants.
Post within the first 48 hours of joining, or else you will be automatically rejected.
Only post on your own application until you are stamped.
Don't freak out on someone if they vote "no".
Don't disrespect the Mod. She is incredibly sexy(xD) and has a final say in all applications. Her vote counts for 2 votes.
To show that you read the rules, put "meliki_ rox my sox" somewhere on your application.

Rules for Stamped Members
Promote! Promote! Promote!
Don't disrespect!



×Status(if taken, for how long):
×Dude or Chick:


×Makeup Line:
×Perfume or Cologne:
×Flavor of Lipgloss:

×Your Opinion On...×(more than 2 sentences please!)

×Gay Marrige:
×The 2004 Presidential Election:
×War in Iraq:

×Post at least 2 clear pictures of yourself, your friends, and your style×


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