In the userinfo of this community it says that the applicant must wait 2-4 days to let the members vote on their application and then the mod will post an accepted/rejected banner. I have waited a whole lot longer than 2-4 days and still no banner. Am I now member or not?
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Hey girls! I know it's only January, but i'm starting to look for prom dresses. I want one that not everyone is going to have, because at homecoming everyone has like one of 10 dresses and it's so irritating. Do y'all know anywhere to look for prom dresses that not everyone will have?

Thanks girls ♥

Stamped// Introduction

Hey guys! So I've been a member here for a few months, but have never been stamped. I just wanted to say to hi to everyone! How excited are you all for Christmas/ Hanukkah / whatever holiday you may celebrate?? We had a snow day today, so I finished putting up Christmas decorations. It looks SO nice. Well I'll see you guys around! <3 <3 Erin
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