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Basics: Age:13 
Name:Victoria Britt 
Location: this little city right near the ocean in florida Status (pics): single and ready to mingle :]
 Favorites: Color: I dont have a favorite color. 
Movie: Holes, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Finding Neverland,Brave little toaster lol 
Band/Singer: I have a lot of favorites including, Plain White Tees, Panic!at the Disco and anything Motown 
TV Show: House & Fresh Prince of Belair 
Store: AE,Forever 21, Delia*s 
Your Opinions: Abortion: Not for it. In the case of a rape..I'm not sure. I would feel really bad for the mother but still its still a babies life. I just hope I'm never in that situation. I think if you are fooling around and get pregnant than you have no right for abortion. 
Gay Marrage: Ehh another tough one. I dont think gay people should be allowed to get married, but they can do what ever they want in private.
 Going to collage: Yeah I def. plan to go to college. Thats where u from alot of your friendships and alot of people meet their husband/wife in college. Not to mention, you should go to college so you can get a good job to support yourself. Eating Disorders: Its your body. Eating disorders are actually diseases so you cant really condemn the girl or boy for there disorder. I'm natuarally skinny plus a light eater so I get called aneroxic all the time & I hate it.
 Make us laugh:Funny Videos
 Why do you want to be a part of this community? Cuz its def. one of the best ones out there. I love all the beauty tips and stuff.
 Who is your rold model and why? My mother. She's worked so hard for us. She left her home (jamaica) so she could come to America and become a doctor.
 Name something you cant live without. My friends or my Ipod 
What a quote that best describes you? "Things get worse before they get better" That pretty much describes my life What does beauty mean to you? Its a state of mind. Like "I think, therefore I am" (I think thats how the qoute goes) If you give of the vibe that u think your pretty without being overly cocky then people will see it in you. Make up and cute hair and clothes help, but its more than that. 
How did you find our community? search engine 
This or That Pink or Blue: both 
Paris or Nichole: Nicole. I think she would be a more fun person to hang out with. Plus she has to stand tall even through all the crap the media is saying about her 
Abercrombie or American Eagle: AE. I dont really like abercrombie plus I hate making my mom spend alot of money Promote us in 3 place and give us the links: I dont really know where to promote cuz known of my friends are on LJ and I'm not in any active communities.
 Put one of our banners in your info and give us the link.
Four clear pictures of yourself:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 
Anything we forgot?: Oh all my friends think this is crazy but I wanna be a physicarist (sp!) when
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