Caitlin (sh0ptillyoudr0p) wrote in __preppy0,

Age: 18
Name: Caitlin
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
Status (pics): me and my boyfriend are currently on a break
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Color: pink and br0wn
Movie: the n0tebo0k, message in a b0ttle, all adam sandler's movies i &heart; him
Band/Singer: all american rejects, fall out boys, the killers, foo fighters,hawthrone heights, green day, nfg, ect..
TV Show: lagUna BeaCh= my ♥
Store: j.crEw, h&m, urban 0utfitTers, abercr0mbie and fiTch, aMericaN eAgle, h0llistEr

Your Opinions:
Abortion: abortion is such a controversial issue that i really dont like to get on the subject since so many people have different views but.. i am pro-ch0ice, i feel that it is the womans choice to do whatever she wants to her body..
Gay Marrage: i l0ve gay people ♥ i am totally f0r it, no one should tell you wh0 y0u sh0uld ch0se to be with..
Going to collage: best thing to do in life is to get a great education.. i am totally for people going to college im sure it will be the best years of ones life.. i myself am going to college .. im planning on going to cali or fl..
Eating Disorders: i believe people have eating disorders because they dont love themselves enough but i've known people that have had eating disorders and i dont look at them differently because i love them for who they are i just wish they could see it the same way.. i think everyone should love themselves for wh0 they are ♥

Make us laugh:

Why do you want to be a part of this community? i want to be a part of this community because i feel as though i am what preppy stands for.. i am confident and unafraid to express my own style.. i feel as though people think preps are snobs but that is such a misconception.. because i am a girl brought up in south philly with much diversity and get along with pretty much everyone i am a down to earth kinda girl who just loves to express my style and am confident in who i am..
Who is your rold model and why? my role model is my mother because she is my strengh to go on every day.. she is a single parent divorced with 3 children n still succeeds in life even when she has been through the worst.. i ♥ her..
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Name something you cant live without. i can not live without my computer, i love the internet, i love myspace, i love livejournal, and i def. love keeping in touch with my friends ♥.. n if i can pick a second thing i couldnt live without laguna beach..
What a quote that best describes you? "dont settle for less"
What does beauty mean to you? i dont think beauty can be defined..i believe every one has a charateristic about them that is beautiful
How did you find our community? actually it was posted on one of my post on livejournal .. thanks ♥

This or That
Pink or Blue: i l0ve pink = ♥
Paris or Nichole: i def. l0ve them both since they are my background to my lj selling page.. haha ♥ but i def. think nichole is h0tter, n is more stylish then paris..
Abercrombie or American Eagle: def. abercrombie.. but i still love american eagle ♥

Promote us in 3 place and give us the links:

Put one of our banners in your info and give us the link.

Four clear pictures of yourself:
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meee ♥
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meee ♥
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my friend teen and me
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me my sister jennie n my bff wes

Anything we forgot? nahh.. if ya wanna know anything else i dont mind questions, i'll answer them to my best potential ♥ thanks..
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