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Its freezing here!

Age: 21
Name: Jen
Location: Delaware
Status (pics):  Taken

haha this picture is so old of us (2 years) but it still makes me smile.

Color: Pink
Movie: Love Actually
Band/Singer: Very close between Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson
TV Show: Nip Tuck
Store: Coach...obv.

Your Opinions:
Abortion: I personally do not like the idea of an abortion, it is just a sad situation for everyone involved, but this is very much a woman's personal choice.  I am very independent and would never want anyone to make any decisions for me so I find it wrong to make decisions for other people.  So I am very much prochoice on the issue.
Gay Marriage: To me this also falls under my view of abortion.  If two people are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together then why not?  The whole line that its "opening another can of worms" is redic to me.  No I do not think that because two men or two women get married people are going to start marrying their dogs or cats.  Really you have to have some faith in humanity.
Going to collage: Well I'm in my 4th year so I must believe in it for some reason...  But really if we are here to be honest I'm here for my MRS degree.  But its still a fun ride.
Eating Disorders: Sad thing.  I have so many friends who have had them over the years, but it is nearly impossible to get people help until they realize they need it. 

Make us laugh:

Oh what a night, me, my little and another friend were at a highlighter mixer and it started raining.  So, being typical, we decided to start a mud fight.  Here's the end result, I'm on the right.  Life is all about having fun.

Why do you want to be a part of this community?  I'm suppper preppy, and I like how this communty does things besides just let people in or not, the contests look like fun!
Who is your role model and why? Charlotte from Sex and the City.  I started watching a few years ago and realized she was the big sister I never had.  Her advice on almost everything fit me so perfectly.
Name something you cant live without. Contacts, not that I'm ever actually reading something far away but without them I can't recognize ANYBODY on the street and feel like a jerk when people are right up on me and then I realize I know them.  I'm always afraid they'll think I was trying to ignore them or something.
What a quote that best describes you? "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself."
What does beauty mean to you? Coming in at 2AM and having your roommates there to listen to all your adventures from the night and seeing them for exactly what they are, by best friends.  Other then that, lots of sleep and water. 
How did you find our community?  I hit "Tiffany & Co" under my intrests and this was the first community that came up.

This or That
Pink or Blue (Ahhhhh so hard b/c my sorority colors are pink, bronze and blue) but I'll go with Pink
Paris or Nichole Paris, I would have said Nicole but I read an article on Paris at the gym about how she's an actress, knew they didn't sell walls at Walmart and how she has earned all her own money from jobs and her parents only paid to put her through school.  It really changed my outlook on her.
Abercrombie or American Eagle AE... because one of my bests work there! (Plus the people that work there are just nicer in general.

Promote us in 3 place and give us the links:
Put one of our banners in your info and give us the link.

Four clear pictures of yourself:

At the bar this summer. (I'm the one NOT looking at the camera)

At my house. (In the yellow polo)

Annual Presidents' Ball, Vice President of Delta Gamma
Image hosted by
Vinnie and I at a Date Party
Image hosted by
And a final for good measure!

Anything we forgot?

Doubt it!

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