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Age: 15
Name: Sabrina Bentley
Location: Virginia
Status (pics): Single

Color: Blue
Movie: Love & Basketball, The Notebook, Hope Floats
Band/Singer: Rascal Flatts, 50 Cent, Hawthorne Heights, Theory Of a Deadman, T-Pain, Kanye West.. I listen to about everything!
TV Show: The OC, One Tree Hill, Laguna Beach, Steve Harvey Show[hilarious!]
Store: Hollister, A&F, AE, Aero, Wet Seal, Rue 21

Your Opinions:
Abortion: Pro Choice; it's kinda the mother's option. I can understand if there's going to be some kind of harm done to the mother or child, but the way they do it seems to be in humain. But if the mother just does it cause she doesn't want a kid or whatever then she should atleast put it up for adoption.
Gay Marrage: I see both sides to a story - you love who you love. But then again, I also think that men & women should be together, not man & man or women & women.
Going to collage: Deff. for it. College will be one of the best experiences of our lives ♥
Eating Disorders: Ah, it's sad. honestly, no one likes 'skin & bones' - gotta have a little coushin - but, if you have some kind of medical condition that makes you that way then i understand

Make us laugh: Girls, marriage is a 3 Ring circus.. Enguagement Ring, Wedding Ring, Suffering. Haha, i thought it was cute- although it's probably not true! ;]

Why do you want to be a part of this community? It seems to be pretty awesome! =)
Who is your rold model and why? That would have to be.. my mother, she's such a strong, independant person. I love her.
Name something you cant live without. cell phone ♥
What a quote that best describes you? simply, i am who i am - i can't/won't change for anyone!
What does beauty mean to you? Beauty is not only on the outside, but inside too.. im sure you've heard that over & over again- but it's true.. personality counts most to me, looks is just a plus.
How did you find our community? Just looking through random journals

This or That
Pink or Blue: Blue
Paris or Nichole: Nichole
Abercrombie or American Eagle: tough one.. A&F

Promote us in 3 place and give us the links: my ie is messing up, so i sent your community to people on my instant messanger list.. i know you can't check but i'll show you.
To: Leigha Lawson
From: Sabrina Bentley
Hey! Go join this community,
To: Samantha Clark
From: Sabrina Bentley
Hidee! Go try out this community...
To: Sarah Dean
From: Sabrina Bentley
Hey! I saw this cool community, you should join! here's the link -

Hope that's good enough! =/

Put one of our banners in your info and give us the link. I will, as soon as i close this window.

Four clear pictures of yourself:
1) Image hosted by
2)Image hosted by
[me & my friend ariel]
3)Image hosted by
[im just being goofy here!]
4)Image hosted by
[this is my monkey face, kinda? lol]

Anything we forgot?: not that i can think of! ;]

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