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Application ♥

Age: 14
Name: Cammie
Status (pics): Single

Color: Orange
Movie: The African queen (Bogart and K. Hepburn , you couldn't get any better)
Band/Singer: The Beatles
TV Show:Friends
Store: Nordstrom , Saks Fifth

Your Opinions:
Abortion: Pro-Choice
Gay Marriage: I'm for it as long as its not in church , yes , I do think marriage is reserved for a bond between a man and a women but , love is love.
Going to collage: I can't wait to go , I mean you go and work hard at school , how can you not go to collage and see the wonderful results of your hard work , get the job that you have always dreamed of and live life happy and comfortable , I for one am going *crosses fingers for George town or NYU*
Eating Disorders: While I do believe that it's your body and that what you do with it is none of my business . But I still think that they are ...well.. stupid to put it lightly I think that you should have respect for yourself and be confidant about the way you look regardless what other people think.

Make us laugh: I found this on line and thought it was funny--

Why do you want to be a part of this community? I think it would be fun
Who is your role model and why? My role model would have to be Katherine Hepburn , I am a big fan of theatre and an aspiring actress and I want to be at least half of what she was.
Name something you cant live without. I'm stuck between music and movies
What a quote that best describes you? I cant honestly think of one
What does beauty mean to you? Beauty to me , is not superficial , its what resides in a person , Their strength , their personality and their ambitions.
How did you find our community? I searched in interest

This or That
Pink or Blue: Pink
Paris or Nicole :(Richie?) Nicole , although she did have her rough times (cocaine addiction) The fact that she came clean and is now more mature shows how strong she is
Abercrombie or American Eagle: Neither , those brands aren't preppy I don't know who came up with the Idea that they were

Promote us in 3 place and give us the links:

Put one of our banners in your info and give us the link.

Four clear pictures of yourself:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I had another one but photo bucket is being stupid

Anything we forgot? No
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