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Age: 14
Name: Bay
Location: Florida
Status (pics): Single

Color: Pink,Teal,Green,Yellow
Movie: Elizabethtown,Red Eye,The Amityville Horror,The Fog,The Notebook<3
Band/Singer: Sugarcult,The Format,The Misfits,Muderdolls,My Chemical Romance,Fall Out Boy,Dashboard Confessionals, Matchbook Romance,The Killers<33[went to there concert].Hawthorne Hieghts,From First to Last.
TV Show: The O.C.,Laguna Beach,Veronica Mars,Wildfire,Degrassi.
Store: Hollister,AEO,A&F,Wet Seal, Nordstroms,M.A.C.

Your Opinions:
Abortion: I'm really against abortion.Its wrong to sit there go have sex get pregnant,and then just kill the baby.Your the one who chose to have sex,you should have to leave with what happened.
Gay Marrage: I'm fine with it.I have gay friends,why shouldn't they be happy,and get married.When everyone else in the world who is straight can be married,and be happy.
Going to collage:I'm gonna do it.I really think it's better for you to just do what you want.If that means not going to college,then don't go to college,if that means going to college,go to college.
Eating Disorders: They are the worst way to loose way.It's a very bad sickness,and it's not something you should be doing, but if you do know someone who has an eating disorder.TRY TO HELP THEM,thats all you can do.

Make us laugh:
Sheri, the pert and pretty nurse took her troubles to a resident psychiatrist in the hospital where she worked. "Doctor, you must help me," she pleaded. "It's gotten so that every time I date one of the young doctors here, I end up dating him. And then afterward, I feel guilty and depressed for a week."

"I see," nodded the psychiatrist. "And you, no doubt, want me to strengthen your will power and resolve in this matter."

"NO!!!" exclaimed the nurse. "I want you to fix it so I won't feel guilty and depressed afterward!"

Why do you want to be a part of this community? I'd like to be a part of this community,cause it doesn't seem to be as harsh,and rude as other rating communitys are/
Who is your rold model and why? My Role Model is defiantly my mother.She's a stronge wild,hard working women.Shes everything i want to be.
Name something you cant live without. I can't live with-out my Coach Purse && my sidekick<3.
What a quote that best describes you?
Love Me Now
Love me then
Just promise me you always will<3

What does beauty mean to you? Beauty Means something thats more than just Skin deep.It's who you really are, not what you look like.
How did you find our community? preppypretty

This or That
Pink or Blue:: PINKK
Paris or Nichole:: Paris
Abercrombie or American Eagle:: Abercrombie

Promote us in 3 place and give us the links:

Put one of our banners in your info and give us the link.

Four clear pictures of yourself:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by<--about 3 months oldd

Anything we forgot?
I hope your not harsh when voting like other communities.Even if i don't get accepted into the community.I won't get mad.
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