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Are You Preppy? -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Members: Thank you for all the support. I really apreciate it. This couldnt be up and running again if it wasn't for you. Specail This Week Everyone get 1 free AUTO ACCEPT. This means that you dont have to use any of your points. Just find someone that you think would fit in the community and auto accept them! The only catch is that if someone in the community has a problem with them they can use preppy anonymous and suggest we make them apply wiht and application Theme The theme for the week is your favorite back to school outfitt. You can post the pictures, what day you wore it, where you got it, just be creative. Worth 100 points. Prep Of The Month: The prep of the month, for September, will be chosen on Friday August 26th. The girl rewarded as prep of the month will recieve their picture here along with their name and why they were chosen, an additional 200 points, and their own personalized banner.
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[Sunday, November 13th, 2005 at 6:57pm]
i feel bad leaving but seeing as how i never post anymore of anything i dont really think it will be a problem. this community was my obbsession in the summer but now with school && everything i just dont have time to do livejournal communitys anymore. love you girls ; ♥
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