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I'm a prep!


Name: Ally
Age: 16
Gender: Girliest of girls
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Tell us something interesting about yourself: Oh my goodness.. so many things.  Basically though, i have like no cartilige in my nose, so it can squish, and it's like the highlight of me!

What Do You Think About?
Labeling: Well i think that if you expect not to be labelled, you have something else coming to you.  I know that i've labelled people, and i think it's unavoidable.  Unless you get to know someone, you just label them.. and you really can't not have an opinion of someone, or get to know everyone.  *sigh* It's enevitable
Aneorexia:  Isn't that sad??  That people feel such pressure to conform to society's idea of "beauty" that they transform into something completely less beautiful then they actually were already?  I know it's a disease, and i think that media has to stop pressuring everyone, and that could be the cure.
Same sex marriage:  I'm all for it.  Love is love, so why not???  Everyone deserves to find a partner, make a commitment by law, and it seems silly to me people find this offecnsive.  For all we know homosexuals think that our marriages are bogus.  And what do we say to that?
Teen pregnancy:  It's called the birth control pill, condoms, or even abstinence.  There are precautions you know?
Abortion:  Pro choice 100%  If you have the maturity to get yourself into that situation you feel, then if that is the decision you feel proper... then kudos. 
Drugs:  waste of money.. would rather clothes and shoes.
Teen drinking: I think that it's a part of growing up.  You get piss drunk, and then you puke, and if you're me, you totally never do that again.  Don't drink and drive though... how silly.
Going to college:  Well duh?  how are you supposed to buy pretty things all the time if you work at some place that doesn't require a post graduate degree huh?

Quote:  Well behaved woman hardly ever get noticed.
Band/singer:  Joss Stone
Song:  You had a bad day
Soda/pop:  Grape Crush or Cream Soda
Sports (to play/ watch):  well dancing technically should be a sport.. i like to dance, but to watch, it has to be rugby, or soccer.
Movie:  Mean Girls, Frida, Moulin Rouge, Forrest Gump, anddddd... Chicago
Store:  Abercrombie,  American Eagle, The GAP
Color: PINKKKKK!!!

Random Stuff
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend if so post a pic: nopers...
Biggest fault:  I'm a perfectionist... so i tend to have breakdowns when i can't do things just right, and i totally have to work on that.
Biggest fear(s): hmm... dying alone, having cancer, not finding a good career.  Finding out i've lived my life in vain.
Greatest achievement: Being a kids club reporter for this tv program when i was 8... i auditioned with 700 other people, and i was 1 of 8 who made it in!!!
This or That
blue or pink ? well hmmm.... PINK
Brittany or Gwene?  Tricky tricky... i would have to say Gwen though, because she totally seems to have her wits about her... i can't say the same for mrs. Ferderline.
Paris or Nicole?  Paris... i know i know.. bad ally bad.. but i actually find her redeemable, and she's totally to die for beautiful, size 11 feet and all.
Cat or Dog?   Dog, well actually puppy, but they all grow up, so i deal.  They are just so freaking cuddly.
Louis Vuitton or Coach?  Louis has become one of those, real or fake never knows.  Coach.  You just can't get enough coach, and it's forever classic, and simple, and beautiful, and there aren't many fakes out there, so people know it's the real deal.
Abercrombie or American Eagle?  Well i'm canadian, so we don't have Abercrombie.. so I totally live at American Eagle.  But then... I go down to the states and shop at Abercrombie of course.  BUT.. i find that American Eagle is more my type anyhoo

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