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Im a prep

preppy enough?

Name: Kelly
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: Tulsa, OK
Tell us something interesting about yourself: My favorite band is the Decemberists and i would give my left arm to see George Bush impeached.
What Do You Think About?
Labeling: It's all bullshit.
Anorexia: I spent 4 months in a phyciatric hospital recovering from this disease. i hate annorexia jokes especially when they come from incredibly naive people.
Same sex marriage: fine with me
Teen pregnancy: i wouldnt get pregnant, but if you want to, whatever
Abortion: im 100% pro-choice
Drugs: pot is ok but ive lost too many friends to cocaine
Teen drinking: fine, just dont drive drunk
Going to college: everyone should

Quote: "The love I sell you in the evening in the morning won't exist."
Band/singer: the decemberists
Song: "i dont blame you" by cat power
Soda/pop: i don't drink pop
Sports (to play/ watch): none
Movie: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Store: urban outfitters and signature consignment
Color: yellow

Random Stuff
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend if so post a pic: nope
Biggest fault: insecurity
Biggest fear(s): lonliness
Greatest achievement: overcoming annorexia
Most embarassing monment: my first kiss

This or That
blue or pink ? blue
Brittany or Gwen? karen fucking o
Paris or Nicole? nicole
Cat or Dog? cat
Louis Vuitton or Coach? I find both to be very dumb; I don’t see the point in paying a corporation hundreds of dollars so you can be a human advertisement
Abercrombie or American Eagle? AE, its cheaper

Post at least three clear pictures of yourself!:

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