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Name: Shayna
Age: 14
Gender: female
Location: farmington hills, MI (near detroit)
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I am a twin

What Do You Think About?
Labeling: not right, but can be helpful when trying to explain things (no one wants to but nearly everyone does it)
Anorexia: not heathy and really scary
Same sex marriage: all for it
Teen pregnancy: if girls are having sex they should be doing everything in there power to avoid it, but it has to be understud if it happens occasionally or (knock on wood) someone gets raped
Abortion: im for it, but not unless there is no other way
Drugs: BAD, if you need drugs to get high, ur not as cool as yu think u are
Teen drinking: also not good
Going to college: great stuff

Quote: I have a ton
Band/singer:no favs
Song: at the moment its "father of mine" by: everclear
Soda/pop: sprite or root beer
Sports (to play/ watch): basketball (dance and pom pon, even tho the arent sports lol)
Movie: no favs
Store: no fav..
Color: orange, pink, purple, red (lots of favs!)

Random Stuff
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend if so post a pic: nope sorry
Biggest fault: humm maybe my insecurities, and it is hard for me to confront people in person about personal stuff
Biggest fear(s): sharks, death, and heights
Greatest achievement: not sure?
Most embarassing monment: OMG A TON! at camp this summer for one, i was doing a dance that i was going to do in the play that was going to start in an hour, when my jeans riped down the butt infornt of everyone (of course i was wearing my black victoria's secret thong!) soo i had to run all the way back to my cabin with riped pants, to change! HORRIBLE! lol

This <b> or </b> That
blue or pink ? pink
Brittany or Gwen? brit
Paris or Nicole? NICOLE
Cat or Dog? both
Louis Vuitton or Coach? coach
Abercrombie or American Eagle? abercrombie

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