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In this world, theres real & make believe♥

im a prep!

Name: Tara
Age: 15
Gender: girl
Location: ohio
Tell us something interesting about yourself: my mom used to work at Ambercrombie.

What Do You Think About?
Labeling: well everyone is a someone, so i guess you pretty much label yourself by how you dress, act, and look.
Aneorexia: thats actually spelled wrong, its anorexia* and being anorexic makes you even fatter (my brothers in college to be a personal trainer so he knows all about this stuff) because it slows down your matobolism.
Same sex marriage: no one can tell you who or what to love.
Teen pregnancy: if you feel responsible enough to have sex, you're responsible enough to take care of a child too.
Abortion: it's sick and wrong.
Drugs: they're sweet. except like really serious shit like coke, and ecstacy.
Teen drinking: yeah, why not enjoy yourself while you can, as you get older life starts to suck more and more.
Going to college: that decides your life, so aside of partying you need to concentrate and do what you need to.

Quote: it's you and me, and all of the people & i don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you.
Band/singer: Jack Johnson
Song: shake it off by Mariah Carey (new)
Soda/pop: sprite
Sports (to play/ watch): wrestling, tennis, track.
Movie: walk to remember, notebook, forest gump.
Store: hollister, forever 21, a&f, guess.
Color: pink, orange & blue.

Random Stuff
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend if so post a pic: nope actually, but im talking to someone, i will post it later when i get on my computer.
Biggest fault: what?
Biggest fear(s): being stabbed
Greatest achievement: going to NLLS for track

This or That
blue or pink ? pink
Brittany or Gwene? Gwen* and i choose Gwen
Paris or Nicole? paris
Cat or Dog? cat
Louis Vuitton or Coach? coach
Abercrombie or American Eagle? a&f

Promote us to at least 3 communities and your own journal and give us the links:

Post at least two clear pictures of yourself!:

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me on left

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me on right

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again on right

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jeff and me

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Image hosted by

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on right

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me on right (halloween)

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